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    Frozen Prepared Food
    All of our prepared food products come frozen. There is no HST on frozen products.

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    Frozen Raw Products
    We carry the following raw items.  They are available to purchase in our store and also for delivery. These products come frozen and vacuum sealed.

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    Freezer Packs
    Our freezer packs are designed with different sized families in mind.  We have incorporated our top selling raw products into the packs. The steaks and bnls chicken breast will come individually vac packed. The sausages are vac packed with 4 per package. The bnls pork loin chops are vac packed two per package and the ground beef is done up in approx. 1 lb. packages.

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    Monthly Bundles
    Each month we feature a new bundle.  It is a combination of our frozen raw meats and our frozen prepared food products.  We mix them up each month so there is always variety on your plate.
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